David Finch original sketch of my OC, The Pilgrim. Trey Patterson will die for using a sharpie on the other side of this, whether he meant to or not.

Picked this up at NYCC 09. Dave is a great guy!

And because The Sword is going to be touring with Karma to Burn:

The Imaginarium of This Guy

Okay, here we go. I've been working on a character concept for quite a while now, for this guy I thought up called the Pilgrim. He's a steam punk cowboy of sorts, and I've been trying to work on his "universe," now that I have the Pilgrim himself more or less finished. Here are some concept sketches of a race I've developed that he will encounter at some point. Here I'm just trying to work out what they are, visually. I'm kind of digging the worm but I'm still not entirely satisfied with what I've got yet. More on this to come, eventually.

And, in celebration of The Sword's announcement of their upcoming US & Europe tour, have a little of this:

Y'all Ready For This?!

And now I give to you the aforementioned "huge upload"
Enjoy folks!

Lord Tyler, of Heavy Metal Fame:

Random sketching in the car:

OLD Man! The geriatric and not-quite-lucid, grumpy old man with the super-human ability to sense changes in weather across the globe in his bones!

Lifedrawing on the Oak Bluffs Ferry Pier

More Lifedrawing on the Oak Bluffs Ferry Pier, this time featuring Papa Bear Davenport

The very first ORIGINAL Pierrick Millet & Max Davenport collab:

Awesome Banana!
Hope ya dig, I have a couple more on the way that I thought deserved their own posts.

Many Apologies

So I went on vacation for a while after starting this thing, and I didn't have access to a scanner while I was gone. Did a whole bunch of sketching there though.

I'm working on a metric shit ton of scanning as I type this, so expect a huge upload soon.



Exploding Scientist Guy

Ch-Check It Out

Testing... Testing... 1, 2, 3?

Welcome to Booby Traps and Cockpits, a collection of my (Max Davenport's) sketches and almost inevitably my ramblings. Anyway, this is my first post; just using it to help with editing the layout and stuff (so I can actually see what I'm editing).

In the mean time, -here-.